How the Book Works

So you're up to date on how to re-load your nib, dip your pen in the ink and get the perfect angle for your pen - it's time to take a look at how your new calligraphy workbook is set up! 

The Brand New Alphabet

One of the wonderful things about our new calligraphy workbook is the new-and-improved alphabet. It's laid out both upper and lower case together so you can pick and choose what you feel like practicing, and the arrows are designed to guide you in your practicing - just follow them for perfect letter formation! {this may involve picking up the pen for certain strokes!} 

Flap Design

The biggest and most fun new feature included in our calligraphy workbook is the flap design. As you can see above you've got some options - the flap can fold in under the trace paper if you want to practice tracing the letters, and it can lay flat next to the page if you're ready to jump in and freehand the letters using the arrow guides. The grid is there either way to help you achieve a good angle for your letters. 

Once you get comfortable with each letter of the alphabet you can start practicing words - start small and get used to connecting different letters and you'll be a pro in no time!

Want to show off your calligraphy chops? Share a pic of your inked-up workbook and use the hashtag #happypracticing!