Happy National Handwriting Day!

national handwriting day

Today is National Handwriting Day. A day to pick up a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and write something. Anything. A note to a friend, the grocery list, a recipe card with a recent dish you've made, or just simply practice your ABC's. If you've taken one of my classes or learned a new style - today is the day to bust out your supplies and practice some calligraphy! In this digital world, sometimes we forget to go back to the basics.

And if you need a little boost, I'm sharing a few of my favorite go-to writing tools that I use on a weekly basis. You will always find these in my traveling pouch or purse with a favorite notepad. From left to right: Pentel Brush Sign Pen, Tombow MONO HB Pencil, Tombow Dual Brush Markers, Heather Held's oblique pen staff with Nikko G nib, and my Calligraphy Workbook.

Take 5 minutes to look away from your screen and put pen to paper. And use #nationalhandwritingday to share with the world. Happy writing y'all!