NEW Spring Pouches are HERE!

FINALLY! You know when you have something planned in your head, but it takes longer to actually execute? These pouches are a prime example. I've had the thought for a while, artwork ready since beginning of the year, and a few hiccups along the way and it's already May! But nonetheless, they are HERE and I couldn't be happier! We are introducing 2 new patterns to our traveling studio line - check them out below and let us know which is your favorite!

First up is a pattern you may have seen over on my IG feed. We call this floral blooms. I created this pattern on paper, and then painted a faux wallpaper on one of my studio walls. And I think it's the perfect doodle to carry us into spring and summer! Use it for all of your art supplies or throw your garden seeds and tools in for safe keeping! One side has the floral pattern and the other side has the words "Bloom where you are planted"

Next up is a super special design because of the little hands that helped me create it. As most know, our daughter (age 7) is a little artist herself and wants to create just about anything and everything that mommy does. As I was sketching one day, I caught her doodling these flowers. I gave her more blank paper and told her to keep going... drawing as many as she could fit on the page. I took her artwork, scanned it in, and created a new pattern we like to call Spring Tulips. One side has her tulip doodles, and the other side has the words "be Creative" - something I encourage with both of our kids. Use this pouch for your own budding artist or for yourself! 

And just to throw out a little teaser... we have a third pattern coming very soon! Let's just say it involves jungle leaves and a safari theme. Stay tuned!