Summer Bucket List 2017

We have one week left of school for us in Texas, which means the summer countdown has begun! And with the summer countdown comes our tradition of creating this year's Summer Bucket List. The kids and I started this tradition a few years ago, and we're doing it again. I spend an afternoon writing down all the things we want to do over the summer and then create a fun, graphic bucket list to hang on the fridge. Throughout the summer months, we use that list as a reminder to have fun, slow down, enjoy small moments, and live for adventures. Plus, it gives us ideas on days we have nothing to do. So, without further ado... meet our Summer Bucket List 2017! Feel free to print it out, add to it, and then hang on your own fridge. We like to color things in as we do them, but you can come up with your own system. Click on the image below and grab the free PDF printable(this is for personal use only)

And that's not all! If you hop on over to my Instagram page, you will see that we teamed up with Nature Nate's Honey for a fun little giveaway! Click here for details.

Happy Memorial Day y'all!
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