McKinney Map PRINT

McKinney Map Sketch via Design Roots

Lauren Palmer, of The Art of Living Beautifully, and I met a couple months ago when she took one of my calligraphy classes. Fast forward a couple weeks later and I received an email with a fun idea and a rough sketch. "Could I could help her with a map of downtown McKinney?" she asks. Of course! I was thrilled to do this custom map illustration, and I love how she uses it as an interactive piece within her online digital magazine. Check it out here on her website.  

Want to know some other fantastic news? If you love our custom McKinney Map as much as we do, they are available for purchase! The 8″x10″ map is printed on a natural white card stock and is only $20! Whether to grace the walls in your own home or to send to a loved one far away, we hope your McKinney map will always be a reminder of the treasured memories and landmarks McKinney, Texas holds. 

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