And the Envelope Contest Winner is...

designroots envelope contest

First of all, HUGE thanks to all who sent in envelopes!! Once again, I was overjoyed with all the notes and letters I received for our #drMailSwap17! Checking our mailbox during the month of April became the highlight of my day. I absolutely love snail mail and loved reading all the sweet notes inside. There were definitely a few that stood out to me, but before we announce our winner, we have to show you some of our favorites! 

From watercolor to floral designs... these were fun to see when I opened the mailbox! 

envelope contest
envelope contest

Gold always pops on an envelope, and these two below are no exception. Look how the ink pops on the dark colors! Love the designs and doodles!

envelope contest gold

And can we give the most creative envelope flap award to this one!? She used a practice sheet from her calligraphy workbook and created a liner! L-O-V-E!

Check out the artwork on these... this gal sent in her submission with LOTS of envelope samples inside...

envelope contest

But I had to narrow it down, and these 4 stood out the most... the penmanship, composition, creativity... I love them all! 

envelope contest

But it came down to 2.... 

envelope contest winners

And I had a really hard time... so this year I have a runner up and a winner. The runner up goes to... Brenna Malberg! Girl, your envelope + stamp spoke to my nature heart! 

envelope runner up

Which means the winner goes to... Gracie Clark! Congrats girl! Everything about this envelope was beautiful! Brenna and Gracie, please email me ( for details! 

envelope winner

Thanks again for all who participated! You'll be getting some special mail from me soon. And if you didn't get an envelope in on time, please send anyways - we LOVE snail mail! And I will always try and send a letter back to you. #writemore