Elements of a good envelope

It's National Card & Letter Writing Month, and in case you missed it - we are hosting our 4th annual envelope contest! Writing and sending cards makes everyone feel good, and gives someone a smile as they open their mailbox. And to give you a little encouragement, I'm sharing elements of a good envelope. Keep scrolling to get some pretty and practical letter adorning inspiration! 

envelope inspiration

5 Key Elements of a Good Envelope:

1. Lettering Styles: The easiest way to change up the look of your envelope is to vary the lettering styles on the address. Everyone can write in a form of cursive/script and print/block lettering. And if you need some help, grab the new Fun with Hand Lettering Kit in the shop!

2. Sizes and Shape: Think in different sizes + shapes. You can vary sizes by making the recepients name LARGE and the address small and centered below. Or draw a light pencil curve and address following the curve to create movement and a different shape. Put the zip code on the 4th line and make that large. 

envelope style
envelope addressing
envelope addressing

3. Color: No one said you had to use the same color pen or marker when addressing an envelope. Grab a few colors, add shadows, and change it up for interest!

brush lettering envelope

4. Stamps: Don't forget about a fun stamp! This is such a simple detail that can make your envelope look pulled together and thought out. Order some vintage stamps and create a little vignette at the top right hand corner of the envelope. Or put one statement stamp that coordinates with your color scheme. We love ordering vintage stamps here and new forever stamps here. And don't forget - it takes $.49 to send a standard letter!

sharpie envelope

5. Embellishments: Have fun with the extra details. Use your favorite return address stamp, add washi tape to the envelope flap, draw doodles to outline and frame the address. Just remember - there are no rules - it's suppose to be fun!

envelope embellishment

So grab your favorite stationery, favorite pens and add some fun flair to your envelopes! Then slap a stamp on your favorite envelope and mail to us! You have until the end of the month to enter our Envelope Contest