For the Love of Trees

Some people know me as a "tree lover", and I'm perfectly fine with that. I love trees. Everything about them. From big oaks and tall mighty evergreens to small fruit trees. They breathe life, provide shade, change colors, sway in the wind... you get the picture. Not to mention they are crucial to our environment. Fun Fact: every house that we've moved to, one of the first things we do is plant a new (large) tree in the backyard. It's become a tradition that I love. Well, Friday is Arbor Day, and I wanted to celebrate by giving back in a way that I can. For every order made this week, I will plant one tree through the Arbor Day Foundation. A buy one, plant one sale! So stock up on your favorite supplies, grab an extra notebook and feel good that you are doing something for the environment!

Huge thanks to Marc Melkie and Richard Winston for the beautiful photography in this post. Click on the images and follow these talented photographers! Enjoy!

Breckenridge, Colorado