4th Annual Envelope Contest

designroots envelope contest.jpg

Oh happy day! Today is April 1st, which marks the first day of National Card and Letter Writing Month! We've celebrated the past 3 years with an envelope contest + mail swap, and this year is no different!

We know how great if feels to open up the mailbox and find a colorful note from a friend that stands out among the bills and junk mail we get everyday, so for the fourth year in a row we've decided to swap some mail with you! For those who are new followers, you can check out a few samples from years past here and here

Here's the deal: Send us a note by mail, and we'll send a letter back to you (just be sure to include your return address on the envelope). The creator of our favorite and most creatively designed envelope will win a $100 gift card to the shop! But don't worry, in the past I haven't been able to pick just one, so second and third place winners will also take away some sweet loot. Instagram your entry, and tag us (@designroots) using the hashtag #drMailSwap17. And remember - there are no rules - just get creative and have fun! 

Please mail your entry to:

Design Roots
5999 Custer Road
Ste. 110-155
Frisco, Texas 75035

We can't wait to see what y'all send in. We will be sharing envelopes throughout the month as they come in, and then announce our winners during the first week of May, so be sure to have your entries in by April 30th! Ready, set, GO!