DIY: Hand Torn Paper

hand torn paper DIY

You may have seen me post some recent projects on paper with torn edges. Sometimes you just need a little texture to set it apart.  And hand torn paper is an easy embellishment to do just that!

wedding prayer on hand torn paper

Today I'm here to show you just how easy it is to achieve this look! With a few supplies and a soft hand, you'll have your own beautiful torn edge paper yourself. 

 + straight edge, t-square, or ruler
 + water brush (or paint brush + cup of water)
 + paper
 + pencil

First, measure what size paper you'd like to have - then draw those lines. Second, take your straight edge and gently fold up the paper along the line you wish to "tear" off.

Once you have a crease in the paper, lightly brush on water over that line.

hand torn paper DIY

After your paper is wet, gently start tearing the paper along the crease, using the ruler as a guide to help you get started. The trick here is to pull and tug in different directions. Pull up on the page, then out to the side, then back. This will give you varying "tears" so it looks more natural than all uniform. I suggest playing around with this technique on a scratch piece of paper first to get the hang of it. 

And viola! You have a regular piece of paper that has some character to it now. Perfect for lettering quotes, verses, place cards, table numbers... you get the idea.