Succulent Love

If you follow me on social media, it's no surprise I have a love for plants. Greenery of all shapes and sizes have slowly taken over our house. What started as a little succulent here, a fiddle leaf fig there, has quickly moved to just about every room in our house. "Plant lady" might just be my new name, and I'm ok with that.

Succulents have been the easiest for me to keep alive, and probably the ones I plant the most. Indoors and outdoors. Helping friends plant their own succulents and others asking for advice over IG has inspired me to create this post. So I am here to share some easy tips + tricks for planting these cute little plants AND keeping them alive. I promise... it's pretty easy!  
First, you'll have to find a nursery or grocer that sells them near you. A few of my favorite spots to buy mine are Calloway's, Central Market, and Trader Joe's. And sometimes you will find an assortment already planted together like these cute white pots I scored at TJ's recently.

succulent pot

Second, pick a good variety. The beauty of succulents is their cute size, variety of colors, and beautiful textures. I try to stick with a couple different heights, sizes, and colors. And I always work in odd numbers. Here are a few examples ... 

Next is planting. You'll want to layer your pot with a little bit of gravel or rock on the bottom, then potting soil (I just recently tried a cactus soil from Calloway's and love it), and rock on top if you choose. As you take the plants our of their plastic containers, be GENTLE. Although succulents are pretty full proof, they are delicate. I use my hands (sans gloves) to gently massage the bottom/roots then place in the dirt. Press down at the base and fill more dirt around. Extra dirt will be on the leaves, and when everything is planted I softly blow the dirt off. 

succulent how to

Watering is last. Give it a good soak and let it be. Succulents are like cacti and like DRY living conditions. A good rule of thumb is to let your dirt dry out slightly between waterings. Every climate is different so you'll have to use your best judgement. If your pot is in more sun, you will have to water more often. Just dive in and see what works for you.  


Hope this has inspired you all to plant some of your own succulents! (or at least eased the fear a bit) Give it a go and tag us in your pictures with #designrootsplants. I'd love to see how and where you decorate with succulents.