DIY Giant Paper Flowers

DIY giant paper flowers

Over the summer I posted about our DIY studio office lights. If you saw that, you may have noticed the giant paper flowers that were hung on the ceiling. I get so many questions on what paper I used or how I made them, so here we go!

+ a roll of white butcher paper
+ a roll of kraft brown wrapping paper (we bought ours at Target)
+ any decorative paper (our patterned papers are from Paper Source)

+ tissue paper
+ scissors, hot glue gun, sticky tack

I wish I had more exact directions for this one, but we just sort of "winged" it. We started by cutting out a few different sized petals. And as you can see in the picture below - each one was different, not exact, just as in nature. Then we cut small notches at the base of the petal. This is where you will fold them before glueing to achieve some dimension.  

paper flower petal parts

After glueing a few layers, I grabbed the tissue paper to create the centers of the flowers. And again, there was no rhyme or reason... we would crinkle and ball up the paper for texture and just start glueing. (yes, hot glue is amazing!) 

giant paper flower assembly

After creating many sizes, shapes, patterns - I took them to the ceiling. I used push pins and sticky tack to adhere them above our light fixture. And voila! A completely DIY and custom light fixture. Whatcha think? 

paper flower ceiling installation