3rd Annual Envelope Contest Winner!

Happy Tuesday y'all! Once again, we were overjoyed with the response we got for our #drMailSwap16! Checking our mailbox during the month of April became my favorite thing, and I loved seeing all the unique envelopes and sweet notes inside. A huge thank you to all who participated and sent something in during National Letter Writing Month! We had everything from watercolor, gold ink, zentangles, trees + florals,a nod to Texas, and even illuminated letters! There were definitely a few that stood out to me, but before we announce our winner, we have to show you some of our favorites! 

Watercolor gets me every time... and I love the different uses here! 

And being a Texas girl, I flipped out over this one! 

But there was one envelope that took my breath away. This envelope had so many pieces to it, including a beautiful brush lettering print inside. This envelope has inspired me to pull out my gold leaf and brush up on my illuminated letters. So the winner of this year's envelope contest goes to...(drumroll please)... Cherie T. from Savannah, Texas! Congrats girl - keep up the good work! Please email me for details ;)

contest winner.jpg

Thanks again for all who participated! You'll be getting some special mail from me soon. And if you didn't get an envelope in on time, please send anyways - we LOVE snail mail! And I will always try and send a letter back to you. #sendmoresnailmail