DIY Studio Lights

Many of you have seen me post pictures of how we've slowly transformed the new studio space into what it is today. One of the biggest changes we made was the lighting. When we first moved in, I quickly realized there wasn't enough light in the "classroom" part of the space. During the day was fine with natural light pouring in from the windows, but when I would host workshops in the evenings I quickly realized I needed to change something. Without added can lights. Or rewiring the whole space. Oh, and we wanted it to be cost effective. So after many trial and errors with other pendant lights and chandeliers (which were all beautiful, but just didn't put out enough light), my hubby came up with a better plan. And with a few materials and about an hour of your time, you can make something similar for your space.

+ 2 - pentant lights (we bought ours from IKEA
+ 1 - 1 x 12 x 8 piece of rough cut cedar
+ 4 - medium duty wall anchors
+ 8 - eye hooks
+ light duty black chain

Before starting, we removed the old ceiling light and left the wires ready to be spliced together with this new fixture. Ok first up, measure the distance you want between the 2 lights. We spaced ours about 4 feet apart. Then you will want to drill a hole for the wire to go through the board, and mount your lights to the 1x12 according to the directions. Then we wired the 2 new lights together with a wire nut. Next, put in eye hooks at each corner of the board, on the side that will be facing the ceiling.  Then measure out the same distance and put 4 medium duty wall anchors into the ceiling. Screw the last 4 eye hooks into the wall anchors. Then cut about 8" of the chain and attach the whole fixture to the eye hooks in the ceiling. From there you can connect the wires from the new lights to the wires in the ceiling and splice together.  

Note: we decided to leave the original light in the ceiling in addition to the new lights. And you'll see how I cover that up in a later post.

The before and after... amazing what a little change can do!

We're super pleased with how this turned out, and even more so that we were able to accomplish this for very little money. As you can see below, I've added some "flair" to the ceiling...this will be another DIY post next week! Stay tuned!