Nicole Black in the studio

You may have seen with the recent class schedule that I have a special guest coming in to teach in a few weeks. Nicole Black, a.k.a The Left-Handed Calligrapher, will be hosting her Beautiful Penmanship workshop right here in my studio! This is a cursive hand that is a foundation to Spencerian - it's a graceful and quick method of writing. If you've never taken a calligraphy class, this is a great start before the pointed pen. And if you'd taken a few of my classes, but want to refine your style with a more classic look, then this class is for you too! 

This penmanship workshop will teach you how to create beautiful letters using supplies you already have, are familiar with and can easily travel with. 

Nicole will cover the full alphabet, how to practice and perfect your penmanship, and successful letter writing techniques. At the end of class we will have a sampling of different pens to test out and play with. We will have coffee, drinks, and plenty of snacks throughout the class. And, I will be sitting right there with you getting my own refresher on this beautiful style of penmanship. If you'd like to join us for a fun morning, you can register here. Hope to see you in class!