Traveling with Supplies

best travel art supplies

As we have been planning for our Spring Break trip with the kids, I've also been thinking about which art supplies I want to take with me. I don't know about you, but I never leave home without some sort of pen/marker in my bag. But when we travel for a week - I want to make sure I have some supplies with me. Plane rides, hearing a quote that you just need to doodle, business ideas, or keeping kids busy - you never know when you'll need a good notebook and pen! Travel sparks inspiration for me, and I want to be ready! At the same time, you have to be smart about what you take. The last thing you need is to weigh your bag down with pens + notebooks. First up, a good selection of writing utensils. My pics this time: a few Tombow Brush Markers, Pentel Sign Pens, a regular ball point pen, pencil, eraser, and then I throw in one pen I haven't used before. If you're wanting something more - the Aquabrush is the perfect travel watercolor tool! You just fill the vessel with water and take a set of your colors, or like me just take 2-3 single colors. (My watercolor set is Pelikan and you can just pop out a couple colors at a time instead of traveling with the full set). And I'm still debating on taking my pen + ink, but if you must here's some tricks: take just a small pot of ink and place in plastic bag before you pack, a roll of washi tape is the perfect holder for the ink to stay still, use a small envelope for the nibs, and just take your favorite holder. Once you've picked your top choices, throw in your favorite canvas pouch and you're ready to go! 

travel pens and supplies

Now that you have pens, you need paper! I will admit that I am a notebook junkie, and will usually grab 2 for the trip. Here are my favorite go-to's! Moleskine, Rhodia blank pads (order in half size), Inkwell Press journals (paper is gridded and a nice weight), May Designs custom notebooks (thin and lightweight, blank paper), Design Roots coloring book (for the kids), and my new Fillion from Little Mountain Bindery to hold my favorites together in one place. 

best travel notebooks

Do you have a favorite list of supplies you travel with? I'd love to hear so I can test out next time!