DIY Trophies

DIY trophies

When you do what I do for a living, and word gets out at school... well, you get called for various "projects". I'm not gonna lie... I kinda love it. I get to give back to the school in ways that I know how. And, I get to know those who are with our kids all day. Now, I've done lots of signs, door decor, etc... but wanna know the latest request? Zero-tardy trophies. I said yes before I even knew what I was going to do. But thanks to the Target dollar spot and some spray paint, this was so simple. Which is why I'm sharing with you. Super simple + super cute. I think I may be making a "happy birthday" trophy to rotate between the kids special day. 

 + Gold Spray Paint
 + Plastic Drinking Glasses
 + Banner Signs
 + Hot glue gun + some lettering

Spray paint the glasses first and let dry. Write your message on the paper tags, and then hot glue to the painted glass. Add other embellishments or tissue paper if you'd like. Viola! Easy peasy DIY trophy project. 

DIY trophy