Pinners Recap

design roots booth space

Pinners conference was a few weeks ago, and one that I should document for the books. I had such an incredible time - meeting new people, sharing stories with booth-mates (yes, that's a word),  getting over a fear of speaking/teaching in front of a LOT of people, and soaking up time I got to spend with my bestie and friends who came to my rescue that weekend. The response was overwhelming and I am so grateful for everyone that came by the booth to say hello or waited in line to get into one of our classes. Moments like that reassure that I am doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing. And I love sharing this gift with you. Enjoy the pics - I'm still dreaming of that green wall and how I'm going to make that permanent in my office! 

pinners conference calligraphy
design roots booth space

Special thanks to these peeps for helping me pull the weekend off!
Signage - Artifacture
Green wall + table - Propmaker
Photography + fantastic class helper - Mallory Shelton
And for all those that helped behind the scenes, booth help, packaging, kit assembly, credit card swiper, pen demos, design roots cheerleader, and the list goes on - THANK YOU! You know who you are and I'm so grateful!