Pumpkin DIY + Printable

fall DIY gift

This little DIY project was inspired by a trip to one of our local nurseries last week. Let me paint the picture: the weather was (finally) cooler, I had a good cup of coffee in hand, a girlfriend to gab with, and plenty of pumpkins around us. As we loaded our own baskets with pansies + pumpkins, we noticed how they were stacking little pumpkins together as gifts. Inspiration hit us, and we decided to make our own! And to help put the cherry on top, I've created a cute fall tag for you to print out and use throughout the season. (think cookies, baked goods, etc) Follow below for a simple way to brighten someone's day. 

+ a few small pumpkins, different sizes to stack easily
+ green moss (moss + pumpkins are from Calloway's Nursery)
+ twine (or other ribbon of choice) + scissors
+ paper to print tags on

Pick two pumpkins to use, different sizes, and make sure they can stack nicely on top of one another. I'm using different colored pumpkins, but you can definitely go all one color. Cut a piece of moss and stick between the two, with just a little showing beneath the smaller pumpkin on top. Next, tie the pumpkins together with your twine. Print a cute tag here and tie on top.

DIY pumpkin gift

And there you have it - a cute little DIY to help get someone in the spirit of fall! We would love to see how you use our gift tags! Tag us on instagram with @designroots and #designrootsfall.