Warm Ups for the Creative Soul

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I often post what I call "warm up words". Every artist is different, but for me - I need to just doodle a bit, write a few inspiring words, draw, etc. to get those creative juices flowing. So today I'm sharing my top 3 things I do to get myself into that creative groove.

1. Set the mood. I find myself in the most creative mindset first thing in the morning. Like really early before the rest of my house wakes up. And I always have a cup of coffee. And multiple cups throughout the day.  A good candle, the window open on a cool morning, and good music (or a podcast) playing in the background are all good options too! 

2. Pencil sketch. This is where you loosen the hand. There's nothing exact or pretty about this part. Sometimes it's on the back of my grocery list or on the back of a mess up sheet. Other times it's in a sketch pad on a blank piece of paper. There are no rules. I don't measure anything out. I just start playing. I write a quote I've seen, a verse that's been in my head, letterforms that I want to work on, and most recently words that you request via Instagram. This part needs to be loose and free. 

3. Take it to the next level and ink it. I either draw over what I've just written or take an idea and write it on another piece of paper. Either way, I get into a different medium and take it to the next level. For you this could be adding color, using watercolor, scanning and adding layers to it in the computer. There is not right or wrong - just do what works for you. This stage is what I will typically post in my feed. ;)

So grab your tool of choice, loosen those muscles, and just have fun with it. I tell my students all the time - try not to think too hard about it. Some of my best doodles have come from warm ups. So take a stab at it - you'll probably surprise yourself! 

What works for you? Comment below... I'd love to hear!