Design Roots Garage SALE TODAY!

Mornin' Y'all! As some of you all might have seen yesterday, the Design Roots Studio is moving this summer! We're not going far but it's still a hassle to move lots and lots of product {and we sure do have lots}, so we're having a Design Roots Garage Sale! We'll be listing some great product grab bags that can include ribbon, envelopes for practicing, sample inks, gently used stamps, washi, and some "vintage" Design Roots cards and tags {our pre-calligraphy days!} We've also listed some hand doodled ornaments and left over Doodles of the Week at CRAZY good prices, so make sure you're watching your Instagram feed for the opening announcement {in, say, about ten minutes!} 

And while you're shopping our awesome Garage Sale, head over to the Calligraphy shop for 15% off using code SPRING15

Happy Shopping Y'all!