A Letter Writing Blog Series

Letter writing is everyone's favorite lost art, and it's making quite a comeback in today's technology centric world. Letter writing is still so important and relevant that there's an entire month set aside for it, and it just happens to be our favorite month of the year here at Design Roots. April will be a month dedicated to all things letter writing, but to get y'all ready to send some seriously happy mail we thought we'd kick off National Letter Writing Month a little early with an awesome blog series featuring all of the many exciting and beautiful aspects of the letter. We'll fill you in on all of our favorite products and techniques, and show you how you can  spice up your next piece of snail mail - we're hoping this will encourage and inspire all of you to get writing! 

We're kicking off our blog series today with a post dedicated to our favorite pens to use when writing and {more importantly} addressing our letters. The classic pen and ink is a given, and one we share with you often, so we thought we'd mix it up with a variety of "regular" and brush pens that you can find in our shop, at your local craft stores or online {we'll link everything below}. 

DR favorite pens post.jpg

If you're like us {and if you're reading this blog} then you're probably a pen person - and sometimes that can get overwhelming! There are so many wonderful pens out there, and the few we're about to showcase are just some of the many great pens that can be used for letter writing and addressing. Peek at the picture above to see how each pen writes, and at the picture below for an idea of what the physical pen looks like.

Let's get started with the Le Pen, our absolute favorite pen for writing notes. The Le Pen has a super fine plastic point for smooth and slim lines, and they're acid free and smudge proof. The slim barrel design is space saving, which means you can get every color available and they'll all fit into your desk pen cup ;) And you can now purchase Le Pens right here in the Design Roots shop! 

Our next fave for smooth line writing is the Micron pen by Sakura. These pens are high quality archival, waterproof and smear proof pens that will produce smooth, clean lines. The nibs come in several different sizes to tailor to whatever lettering project you're working on, and there are many, many colors to choose from. Similar to the Le Pens, these can be found at many art and craft supply stores, but you can definitely get them here.

Next up are our fave brush pens. Brush pens have softer tips to allow for the "thin and thick" so crucial to calligraphy, and depending on size they can be fun and funky or simple and refined. The small variety we're about to review has a little of both, so without further ado ...

- the Pentel Sign Brush Pen. This brush pen is water based and has a slightly less flexible brush tip which allows more control for those who may be still be getting used to brush lettering. The Pentel Sign Brush Pen creates smooth, solid lines and provides a great contrast between the thin and thick lines - just remember to really ease up on the up strokes! And since we love brush pens, we've decided to carry the Pentel Sign Brush Pen in our shop too! {the barrel of this pen is glittery!}

- the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Marker. This brush marker is a personal favorite of Heather's and has a thicker, larger brush tip with a smaller, regular tip on the other side - great if you're doing some creative envelope addressing with two styles! The Tombow brush tip creates a smooth, sweeping brush stroke and is a great pen for anyone interested in brush lettering. Design Roots just started carrying the Tombow Dual Tip Brush Marker, so head on over to the shop to pick up a few!

- the Sharpie Brush Marker. Sharpie is everyone's go-to permanent marker brand, and now they've come out with a line of brush markers that come in twelve fun colors. The Sharpie brush tip, much like the Tombow, is more flexible and allows for very thick and brush-like thicks as well as super fine thins. Also water and fade resistant, this brush marker is a durable and reliable choice for any of your lettering projects. Want to pick up a few of your own? Try here and here

And finally, we have the Speedball Elegant Writer. The Elegant Writer has an angled chisel tip that will give your calligraphy a more traditional, elegant look {the product name really says it all!} There are several chisel sizes/styles, so you can pick and choose the exact look you're envisioning for your projects. Want to pick up a pack with multiple colors? Just looking to try one to start? You can purchase an Elegant Writer here and here.

We hope you've enjoyed taking a look at our favorite pen review, and that knowing a little more about these products will encourage and inspire you to get writing in any way possible. Get creative and take your hand lettering to the next level with some of these new tools - and when you do, be sure to share them with us by using the hashtag #designroots on Instagram. We can't wait to see what you'll create! And don't forget to check back with us here on the blog for the next installment in our letter writing blog series - you won't want to miss it! 

Happy Hand Lettering, Y'all!