Letter Writing Part 2: Envelope Flair

Hello all, and welcome back to our Letterwriting Series! This week we'll be talking about {and gushing over} vintage stamps, pretty washi tapes, and custom return address stamps - all elements that can add some fun flair to your envelopes! Keep scrolling to get some pretty and practical letter adorning inspiration! 

Vintage postage stamps are a beautiful way to dress up any envelope, whether it be wedding invites or just a little happy mail for a friend. When choosing which stamps to use {and trust us, you'll want them all} try choosing styles that share a similar theme or similar colors - you'll always need more than one per envelope because the cost of posting a letter has increased, so have fun trying different combinations! {and don't forget - it takes $.49 to send a standard letter!} We like to purchase our stamps from Darling One's shop on Etsy, but you can find them in other places online or even at your local vintage shops!

A fun piece of wash tape is a super easy way to add some pizzaz to your envelopes and letters - you really can't go wrong! The word "washi" is Japanese for "paper", and that's exactly what this tape is - it's a very light, thin paper with an adhesive backing. You can now find washi tape in full sheets as well as rolls of both solid and patterned paper tape, so you can punch out some fun shapes to adorn an envelope or just add a strip to the back flap for a subtle touch. Washi tape can be found almost anywhere, which includes your local craft stores as well as larger department stores like Target. Some of our favorite vendors are Paper Source and Thatch & Thistle.

Return address stamps are another important {and required} element of writing and sending the perfect letter - why re-write your return address over and over when you can get a beautiful custom stamp that'll add some flair to that back flap? If you're looking for a beautiful, custom, handwritten return address stamp you're already in the right place - we do return address stamps! Check out the Design Roots shop where you can choose from seven different styles. To help you get prepared, we are having a SALE on all of our stamps! No code needed, they are already marked down in the shop. Have fun shopping for your flair!