DIY: Gold Letters + Greenery


It's no surprise that we love to decorate with plants and natural elements around here. (I would have a full green wall if I could!) So when I stumbled upon these gold letters at Hobby Lobby a while back, inspiration struck. Heres a quick tutorial on how we made faux green letters to hang on our office wall. Grab the materials below and we'll walk you through it!

We started off by tracing the back of our letters on a piece of cardboard, then cutting out.

Once our cardboard letters were cut, we attached them to the back side of our metal letters (the side that touches the wall). We used floral wire, but you can use glue or anything else you have around the house.


While the glue gun heated up, we took the faux greenery apart, and cut it into different stem lengths.

Next, we put a large dot of glue on the bottom of each stem and stuck it directly on the cardboard. (we found it was easer to cut the stem as close to the leaves as possible and put the glue on the bottom leaves since they have more surface area to stick to the cardboard)


We repeated this step until the cardboard was completely covered in green and could no longer be seen. Afterwards we went back through and added more greenery to give it that fuller looker. 

We decided to hang our finished letters on the wall as a center piece here in the office!  And the greatest part is the letters can also stand free, adding a personal touch as a table decoration in any home or event. Happy Crafting!