Halloween Witch DIY

halloween witch DIY

When my friend, Jessica, showed me a picture of her "30 minute DIY witch" she created during lunch a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to have her come over and recreate one for me. Once you see how it's done - it's pure genius is what it is. 

DIY Materials

Start with these materials listed above. We used a piece of MDF board that had been sitting in our garage, but you can use any piece of wood/flat surface. Next, draw an outline of a witch (or any Halloween shape you choose). After the outline is drawn, I stepped in to add some hand lettering to mine. You can pick a spooky poem or just letter halloween words to fill the space. And don't worry about it being perfect - I just let my words overlap the witch shape. After that, grab your black paint and paint everything outside of the witch outline. 

Once the paint is dry, hang up on your mantel or entry table to display. Add a few pumpkins + gourds and viola! A fun, fresh new Halloween display that doesn't break the bank. Thanks Jessica for sharing your crafty idea with us!