Design Roots Mail Swap

The month of April was National Letter Writing Month, and in order to celebrate that - I decided to host a little mail swap/envelope contest. Rules: there were no rules. If you sent me a piece of mail, then you'll be getting one back from me. And the best envelope gets a $50 shop credit! 

You guys, I have been blown away by the number of envelopes I received, the creativity I saw, and the sweet messages written inside. Pretty sure this is going to become a yearly thing! Even the guy at the post office got excited seeing all the mail! A huge THANK YOU to all who participated and got in the spirit of "snail mail" with me! Before I announce the winner, let me show off some of the entries!

These two were by far the most unique envelopes, err materials, I've ever received! A piece of WOOD and embroidered FABRIC!?!! Talk about amazing! Pretty sure you'll be seeing some of these hanging in my office now!

This large black beauty lined with this gorgeous paper! And she even included a cute print and typography sticker!

This sweet envelope had tons of goodies inside - prints, cards, and coloring books for my kids! If you've never heard of Valerie Wieners Art, you need to check her out now!

More sweet messages, a fun magnet with my address on it, and the cutest little message from an 8yr old! (officially the youngest entry!)

These were some of my favorite envelopes: washi tape, watercolor, handmade envelopes, handdrawn maps, fun balloon stamps... I didn't want April to end!

So, who won??? This was seriously so hard to pick!! There was one envelope though that stayed in my head. This envelope was simple, black + white, and featured the coolest little tree embellishment within my address. I am a tree lover at heart, my degree is in landscape architecture, and I have a love for the outdoors. This spoke to me. Another fun fact: it traveled the furthest. (from Germany). So, thank you Kirsten Ashley... I am in LOVE with your envelope. Message me for details regarding your shop credit. 

But I couldn't leave it at that... there were 2 other entries that blew my mind too - the wood envelope + the fabric envelope! Mollie G. and Michelle H. - I have a little something for you too. Message me for details! Thanks everyone!!