Hello, Spring // DIY

hello spring.jpg

While we're currently extremely confused about the weather here in Texas (80 and sunny Saturday, sleet storm and freezing temps on Sunday!?) we know many regions are still in a consistent deep freeze. Winter can just be so long and dreary. We could all stand to see something bright and colorful and oh, so spring! And the best way to snap out of the winter blues is by working on a spring DIY. Pretty sure this is a scientific fact, guys. 

We saw this blooming monogram on Pinterest and had to make one ourselves!

The supplies you'll need:

• kraft letters (can be found at Paper Source, Amazon, or any craft shop)
• floral foam
• xacto knife
• silk flowers
• glue gun
• wire cutter or utility scissors


Start by cutting the top of the kraft letter.

Once the top has been removed use the hot glue gun to secure the floral foam into the kraft letter.


Now for the fun part! Begin arranging your flowers in the foam. Depending on the type of silk flowers you purchased, you may have to trim some down so the stems aren't too long. Fill in any lose gaps with hot glue.


We chose to use ours as a door hanging but the possibilities are completely endless! This is such a cute idea for parties, Mother's Day, or just general home decor. Have fun and just keeping thinking: every day that passes we're one day closer to spring!