Behind the Scenes of Design Roots

design roots

There's nothing we love more than a "day in the life of" post! It's always neat to see the other side of a small business. And since people will often ask how I'm able to juggle being a mom, wife, and a business owner, I figured it would be great to show some snaps of what goes on in our typical day here at Design Roots. 

The morning usually (read: always) starts off with a cup of coffee and some quiet time for me in the home studio before the kiddos wake up so I can map out the day. Some mornings I get an hour or two... other mornings I may only get 20 minutes before one of my "helpers" come downstairs. 

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And if I'm lucky I'll occasionally get a little help in the studio! 

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Lunches packed and we're out the door! A couple days a week I drop the kids off at a Mother's Day Out program, and get to dedicate those (oh so quick) hours solely to custom client orders, new product development, meetings, or prepping for a workshop. 

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Next up is usually a Starbucks run. Caffeine round 2. Have I mentioned I like my coffee??

design roots

My Creative Assistant, Chelsee, will join me in the afternoons to style and shoot product or compose blog content. And no, seeing someone laying on my dining room floor to get on the same level as the product is not unusual in my home!

design roots

Once new product is shot, we edit, upload, and create listings on the website for all of you to shop and enjoy!

design roots

The rest of the afternoon is typically spent filling and shipping out orders from our online shop. 

On any given day the house is buzzing with doorbell rings from deliveries, my really, really awesome mom helping with projects in the studio (or with the kids!), Bob assisting with emails, customer inquiries, and filling orders. It is such a team effort.

Now, I'm not saying my job is easy. Running a business, being a mom and a wife is hard to balance! I have my good days and bad days like everyone else, and I try to take it day by day. But what I do know is that I absolutely LOVE what I do, and feel truly blessed that I can do it from home and be able to share it with all of you. So thank you all for following this little journey and supporting this little business of mine!