Gather Athens Recap

About a month ago, I was able to attend Gather in Athens, GA. This creative workshop was geared towards inspiring and encouraging other creative entrepreneurs... and it was exactly what I needed. When I first found out about the event and saw that the timing was right - I called up my friend Tonya of InkWell Press and we decided to make a girls weekend out of it. I'm so glad we did. Everything about the weekend was good for my soul. The ladies behind the workshop were so welcoming and the perfect hostesses. I mean look at that table... who wouldn't feel loved by that and sprinkle donuts!? 

The workshop was a full of so much goodness in just two days. Each one of the ladies who spoke had their own story, their own creative business perspective, and each one was inspiring! We touched on everything from margin, setting boundaries, remembering "what is my why" (thanks Amanda, that phrase has been in my head since the conference!), social media, and the list goes on. Pictured below is the lovely Britt Bass, Mattie Tiegreen, and Mica MayThe other speakers not pictured here, but were just as inspiring were: Shanna Skidmore, Amanda Knight, Paige French, and Hilary Maloney

And on top of that, the talented Kaitie Bryant spent time taking head shots of all of us. She had such a positive energy to her, and was so nice to work with! All the photos in this post are from her lens, and she was able to capture a glimpse of my giggly personality in the photo below. So, THANK YOU Katie! And thank you to those who played a part in making this workshop happen. If any of you have every thought about attending this event, I highly recommend it!