Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party

Halloween is just two weeks away, and we are busy getting into the spirit over here with PUMPKINS! All shapes, all sizes, all colors - I think I may have a problem. But I'm ok with that. So it's no surprise that I'm planning a little party around the pumpkin. That's right, it's a BYOPumpkin party! The kids are at an age where they can really get into the holiday, so we are inviting a few friends over for an afternoon of pumpkin carving + decorating for the kids with a few cocktails + snacks for the adults. Here are the two invitations we came up with {thanks to my new assistant who rocked it}. And of course we couldn't stop at the invite itself - we scored these awesome vintage stamps from Darling One Shop to match the theme! 

We also thought it would be fun to create a pdf of "BOO" in calligraphy for y'all that you can download and use as a template for your own pumpkins! Click on this link for your FREE PRINTABLE! Happy Halloween Y'all!