A DIY Valentine's Day


We know Christmas and the holiday season just passed but around here, we can't help but start planning for Valentine's Day. So much pink, gold, glitter, can you even blame a girl? With all of the cute design-related products popping up in stores already, we decided to compose a DIY Valentine's Day craft roundup to get your creative juices flowing and showcase a few of the fun new goodies we've added to the shop.

The love stamp is super versatile and can, of-course, be used year round, but what better time to showcase it than on Valentine's Day? Above, we found the perfect shade of red ink and created flags for straws, which would be lovely for a girl's brunch. We're looking at you, mimosas.


The love we share for butcher and kraft paper knows no bounds. It is probably one of the least expensive crafting supplies you can purchase and it comes in massive rolls that will most likely last for all of eternity. Which are just two of the reasons we're obsessed.

But the real kicker? You can also stamp, doodle, sketch, paint, and eat all over it which makes it perfect for everything from kids parties to cocktail parties to a messy backyard BBQ. It can be dressed up and dressed down. We're adoring the look of the heart stamp paired with gold ink and putting it to use as a table runner for a V-day party. Butcher paper also makes for easy cleanup. Crumble up and toss. Enough said.

Cupcakes and sweets are, of course, standard at any Valentine's Day gathering, especially when they're from Sprinkles! Using red place cards, the arrow + heart stamp, and a dash of calligraphy we created simple signage for food descriptions. To get the raised look of the stamp, we used a Versamark inkpad, which is a clear/watermark pad, Queen's Gold embossing powder, and the Paper Source heat tool


Leaving little love notes around the house or in your kid's lunch boxes is such a sweet surprise! The I love you stamp is the perfect way to remind the ones in your life of those three special words. 

If you're interested in learning more crafty tips join us on Thursday, January 30th for our Cupid, Cards, and Cocktails workshop!