Thanksgiving Table

It's Monday. Thanksgiving is Thursday. And for the first time I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner! Like, "for real" hosting. I'm cooking my own turkey and both of our parents are coming over to OUR house! And what do I immediately think about? The table. I know our family won't care what it looks like, but I do. So I looked around the house, and then looked outside in nature to find things that inspired me for a good place setting. That's what I grew up doing as a child anyways. My brother and I would collect leaves, acorns, sticks and branches... and then our mom would let us "set the table". So here are a few ideas if you are in the same boat as me. (ahem, last minute planning!) Have your kids or relatives help you search for those special pieces, and then set the table. Your family will love it! After all, this holiday is about giving thanks for what you have, being surrounded by family, and enjoying good food (if you don't burn the turkey that is!) Wish me luck! 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Burlap chargers: Hobby Lobby; Paper used for placemats and turkey DIY: Paper-Source; Acorns: Bur Oak from neighborhood park; Rosemary sprig: our garden

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