paper-source workshop

I need to start this post with a statement of how much I love Paper-Source! No really, I've been a fan for years, have spent quite a pretty penny in there, and could stay and browse/play for hours. When we moved to Frisco last year, I wasn't able to frequent my Dallas store as often. And then it happened... they opened one in Plano - just minutes from our house! And you know I was there within the first few weeks it was open! As I was browsing the envelopes for a bride, I started chatting with Ashley, the manager. I told her what I was working on (and that I was a calligrapher) and she asked if I'd ever be interested in teaching a workshop. As I secretly freaked out in my head, I tried to stay cool as a cucumber and said "sure". I came back a few days later with samples and business cards, and got to meet the workshop manager, Chelsee. We talked about the details of the workshop and picked out some dates. I still couldn't believe it! These girls have been so kind and sweet, and just a pleasure to work with!

Last Tuesday was my handwriting workshop. I came in, set up place cards, and got to meet 8 great ladies that wanted to learn a few different handwriting techniques. We tested a variety of new pens, a heat embossing tool, and basically played for 2 hours. The first one was such a hit that I'm going back for an encore in 2 weeks! I really do love my job!