Hello + welcome to Design Roots! I’m Heather Bloem, the hand behind this calligraphy studio. Calligraphy and illustrations are my specialty and I think handwritten touch makes just about anything better. Whether it’s addressing envelopes, lettering vows, sketching a house or drawing a map - I am most happy with a pen in my hand. 

Design Roots began in 2009 when I left my career in landscape architecture and started a custom invitation + graphic design company. While it has evolved over the years, one thing has stayed the same - passion for great design. It is this passion that I use to create for others.

When I’m not in the studio with a pen in my hand, you can most likely find me testing new recipes, gardening with the kids, or spending time outside with my family. I drink too much coffee, and tend to buy too many notebooks and plants. (yes, it’s a problem)

Thanks for stopping by! Please contact me {[email protected]} to see how Design Roots can customize something beautiful for you.